Map of Kassen

1. Seven Silvers - tavern run by Trelvar Silvers, assisted by his daughter Asina, and Jimes "Short Change" Iggins. 
2. Greathall - used for various celebrations, including weddings. 
3. Woodcutter's Guildhall - run by Colbin Vetnar. 
4. Temple of Erastil - the only stone building in town, tended to by Father Prasst. While dedicated to Erastil, has shrines for Gozreh, Gorum, Shelyn and Torag. 
5. Town Watch Headquarters - led by Guard Captain Wisslo. 
6. Renet's Steel - a blacksmith operated by Renet. 
7. Arnama's Home - home of Arnama Lastrid, a local ranger and advisor to Mayor Uptal. 
8. Sir Dramott's Home - home of Sir Dramott, a knight from Lastwall who watches over the town. 
9. Braggar's Shop - a blacksmith operated by Braggar Ironhame, the only source of masterwork items in Kassen. 
10. Vargidan Estate - home to the eccentric Vargidan family, and has a bit of a spooky reputation. 
11. Holgast's Tower - home to the resident wizard, Holgast. 
12. Mayor Uptal's Home - a modest building that is home to Mayor Uptal. 
13. Ilimara's Home - home to the mysterious Qadiri, Ilimara Oniri.

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